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Skive.com Review:


The Comedy Biscuit is a weekly comedy night held at Gem Bar in Soho, London, showcasing new material from a number of comedians. I went to check out the scene last Wednesday:


Coming down the stairs to the basement of the fabulous Gem Bar the first thing I see is a friendly face. And that’s not a rarity; I struggled to find anyone without a smile at any point through the night.


The venue itself is fantastic; between the slightly gothic décor and the exposed pipework on the ceiling it’s completely chic. That image was topped off with some gorgeous cocktails throughout the night, although a beer would not have been out of place at all.


Tables are snugly packed together facing the “stage”, which is not really any more than a space at the front with a simple spotlight. But it works perfectly. The higher tables at the back ensure everyone has a great view, and the tightly grouped tables give it a very intimate feel.


The second the MC came on the room was laughing, and this didn’t stop all night. You could hear the odd giggle even in the break as people discussed what they’d just heard. Whether because of the closeness of the tables, the exuberance of the MC or the way the comedians drew in the audience, there was a real feeling of community. Everyone was laughing and everyone was a part of the night, an essential piece that added up to an excellent evening.


And let’s not forget to spare a word for the free cookies. Little bowls up and down the bar to help yourself to. I was honestly amazed there were some left at the break, but then again there were a phenomenal amount of cookies compared with the amount of people there. Which was excellent; we’re all far too used to hearing “free cookies” or something similar only to turn up and discover that they’re grossly underestimated numbers. An extremely welcome change of pace in the best form; a plethora of cookies.


The Comedy Biscuit; Cocktails, cookies and comedy. Amazing. I will definitely be heading back.


Ari Carrington

Audience comments on Twitter:

“Just had a lovely night @comedybiscuit! My first comedy night and what a way to start.”



“Thank you @comedybiscuit for a great night and new ideas.. Stand up is my favourite.”



"Just laughed so much @ComedyBiscuit that I cried my eyes out, got a headache and thought I was going to throw up."



"An excellent line up at @ComedyBiscuit last night. New favourite London based comics has to be @PatrickJMonahan & Danny Simonsen!"


Comedian comments:

“The loveliest new material night in London”

-Mark Dolan


“Had a fantastic time at the Comedy Biscuit tonight. All new material, all excellent comedians, all lovely crowd. Thanks for having me!”

 –Brydie Lee-Kennedy


“I had good fun MCing the Comedy Biscuit tonight with some lovely acts. If you’re in Soho on a Wednesday, check it out. Plus free biscuits!”

 –Matt Green


“Have to say what a lovely show the Comedy Biscuit in Soho is.”

–Sean Brightman



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